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Speaking about death Sunday June 25th 2017 10am-4 pm 32 Station Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9HT Tel: 01223 861709.

The purpose of these workshops is to allow us the opportunity to explore our hopes,fears & assumptions around the subject of our own death & dying.
Many find this workshop gives them a new perspective on life & helps them acknowledge what they really want to focus on before they die.
The youngest person ever attending was a thirteen year old boy whose
father had
died before he was born and thus he had always carried a need to find out
more about his own death.
Another participant attended before she was to have a lung transplant and
returned 5 years later to attend again before she was to have a second lung
transplant.Others come because they are curious or scared about the topic.

What is most heartening
Is that most leave surprised how much easier they feel around the subject
having discovered their own vocabulary for the topic and are very much
relaxed and aware of what really is important in their current lives.

Here is a description by Martin Hawes, writing about his experience at a
week-end workshop:-
'I have always feared might death, Death is
frightening thing; you cannot' know 'death and I was hoping that the perhaps
this weekend would magically tearaway some veil and show a glimpse of the
unknowable. But I found that by the end of the weekend I felt quite happy
with death's unknownness ,having looked and cried and laughed at all my
fears .'
'Christianne led us with great care through a series of powerful exercises,
most of them done in pairs, some in small groups, with regular opportunity
to go back to the group as a whole.'
' Christianne asked us to draw a 'map' and place ourselves in the centre
the page and mark around us all the people who are important to us living
or dead . Then we worked in pairs, one partner listening while the other had
half an hour to say goodbye to all the people he or she had placed on the
map. I found this very painful I think everyone did. There is so much we
never say especially to those who mean most to us and it is surely one of
life's tragedies that we so often of parties without saying these heartfelt
things. It is also a beautiful to listen to your partner talking to their
friends and family in a loving and powerful way and expressing feelings at
their very core. Where else could we get the space to say these things to a
loved one's, especially those who have died?'

Comments from particpants: The course was really well thought out, engaging, inspirational. It will ripple through my life for a long time to come, making a difficult subject approachable, educational and magical'(SW)

'A marvellous way to deal with a difficult subject.There was safety,holding in the group, but a challenge too and lots of humour. I cannot imagine how it could have been better' (HG)

This workshop was featured in the BBC 1 TV series 'Living with Dying'. Reviews in the Independent,Nursing Times & The Guardian.Ham And High, Cambridge Evening News.

Years ago I attended Christianne Heal's 'A positive att
itude to our own Death' at Lower Shaw Farm activity centre near Swindon, Wiltshire and found it so rewarding that I attended it again a few years later. I am glad that she is continuing this work and would warmly recommend this workshop. Beth July 2015

HOW TO COPE WITH THE STRESS OF CHRISTMAS; Sunday 3rd December 2017 3.30-6pm in Waterbeach Cambs.

A Workshop usually held in the first week of December in Islington & Cambridge.

Comments by a participant
“It enabled me to make some changes in my plans for Christmas which made it a rather happier time” D.O. (London)

Featured in: The Independent, The Sunday Express, Cambridge Evening News

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Articles: Self & Society: An International Journal for Humanistic Psychology

Self & Society Volume 19, Issue 1, 1991

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