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Reflecting on our own Death

Purpose: The purpose of this workshop is to allow us the opportunity to explore our hopes, fears and assumptions around the subject of our own death and dying.

'If we can learn to view death from a different perspective, to reintroduce it into our lives so that it comes not as a dreaded stranger but as an expected companion to our life, then we can also learn to live our lives with meaning-with full appreciation of our finiteness, or the limits on our time here.' Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

This workshop was featured on BBC1 TV series 'Living with Dying' and has been featured in the Independent, Sunday Express, Cambridge Evening News, and Nursing Times.

Comments from participants:
'The course was really well thought out, engaging, inspirational. It will ripple through my life for a long time to come, making a difficult subject approachable, educational and magical' (SW)
'It certainly motivated me to discuss my funeral with my partner' (J.Trevelyn - Nursing Times)
'Safe, loving and secure atmosphere you so brilliantly created.' (Dr. K.Kermani)

Martin H, writing about his experience at the workshop:-
'I have always feared my own death, Death is a frightening thing; you cannot 'know' death and I was hoping that perhaps this weekend would magically tear away some veil and show a glimpse of the unknowable. But I found that by the end of the weekend I felt quite happy with death's unknownness'.

The youngest person ever attending was a thirteen year old boy whose father had died before he was born and thus he had always carried a need to find out more about his own death.
Another participant attended before she was to have a lung transplant and returned 5 years later to attend again before she was to have a second lung transplant.
Others come because they are curious or rather scared about the topic.

What is most heartening is that most leave surprised about how much easier they feel around the subject, having discovered their own vocabulary for the topic and are very much more relaxed and aware of what really is important in their current lives.

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